Adventures - Trekking to Mounth Egon

Trekking to Mounth Egon

You will need to take a motorbike to the begining of the trail (about 30 minutes from Lena House). Then it is approximately 2.5 hours to climb the 700 m to the crater. The path is easy to follow even in low visibility, although the last 200 m are harder to follow. Look for cairns (small piles of stones). At the rim of the crater you will see a big caldera and fumes of sulfur.
The noise is pretty impressive and you will smell sulfur. It is possible to walk on the rim, go down the crater (careful: no path available) and see small fumaroles and sulfur crystals very close. The way down takes about 2 hours and the beginning of the descent requires good shoes and walking sticks: it is slippery though not really dangerous. Bring at least 1.5 litre of water per person, sun lotion and warm clothing. (Olivier & Celine, Sweet French Couple)

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