Adventures - Snorkeling & Canoeing

Snorkeling & Canoeing

Beside the beautiful view that can be enjoyed from verandah and Lh restaurant, you can directly swim and snorkel on the sea just around one hundred meters to the east to find a colony of coral and colorful fishes. There is also a wreck ship of Japanese of world war II at the same place but nowadays it cannot be seen from the surface by snorkeling because it already slip into deeper area. But you can still explore its beauty and heroic history by diving with the complete tools rented from Ankermi, our neighbor diving shop with Padi license.

A wider area of coral colony and several sea creatures can be explored also in front of Lena house 2, around four hundred meters to western coast from Lena house 1. Only 5 minutes walk from here. You may also have some soft drink in restaurant in that place which can be paid once with your expense in Lena house 1. You just report and sign a bill for this.

In that place you can see also the track of tremendous power of tsunami 1992 which destroyed most of coral in this area, and also the bad thing done by human being some years ago by fishing bomb. The dark history now disappears little by little with the growing of a new hope of colorful coral, develop and spread again in this area.

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